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Reservation Based Care

At Recess Time, we take pride in providing tailored childcare that caters to the unique needs of both you and your children. Our priority is to ensure your peace of mind, knowing that your children are in safe hands while you manage your schedule.


At Recess Time, we understand the challenges that busy parents face, and our purpose is to bridge the gap in regular childcare by offering a safe, fun, and caring environment for your children. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind during appointments, errands, after-school hours, or any time you need to focus on activities without the little ones. We believe that every parent deserves some solitary hours to tackle their "To-Do" lists while their children engage in interactive play and learning at Recess Time.

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We offer a thoughtfully crafted curriculum that strikes a harmonious balance between playful exploration and valuable learning experiences. Our emphasis on play-based activities ignites curiosity and nurtures cognitive growth, providing a strong foundation for your child's development.

Experienced staff

Experienced staff

We are driven by a shared passion for nurturing young minds.

Family Friendly

Welcoming Atmosphere

Our center is designed to ensure your child feels secure and cherished every step of the way.


Saftey First

We hold the safety and well-being of your child in the highest regard.



Our educators uphold the highest standards in teaching and communication.

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Explore and Play in Our Fenced-In Outdoor Space

Discover endless opportunities for outdoor fun and exploration in our secure and enclosed outdoor play area. With safety as our top priority, children can freely engage in active play, imaginative adventures, and social interactions, fostering their holistic development in a protected environment.


  • No, we offer part-time care with a weekly limit of 20-24 hours per child. This allows us to provide focused and personalized attention to each child in our care.

  • We care for children between 12 months and 12 years.

  • They can stay for the entire day, our hours are 8:30am - 5:30pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday depends on interest.

  • No, we do not currently accept state payment programs.


Parent 1

Ariel Leach
10/10 recommend!!!

I 10/10 recommend Recess Time! What a wonderful childcare center. Very accommodating and convenient. Lynn is absolutely wonderful! She provides a safe, clean, and friendly environment for the children.

5.0 5 stars
Parent 1

Calista WallickSafe, clean, and friendly

Wonderful place for hourly child care. Conveinent when you need to run errands! Safe, clean, and friendly staff. We love this place!

5.0 5 stars
Parent 1

Heather Clark
Loves Mrs. Lyn!

My son has been going to recess time 3-4 days a week since March and absolutely loves Mrs. Lyn and all his friends. Mrs. Lyn does an excellent job at showing the children love and kindness each day, while genuinely interacting with them...
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5.0 5 stars
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